13 Berlin-Based Podcasts That Have Kept Us Sane During Quarantine

Whether you’re interested in current events, comedy or music, we’ve got you covered with Berlin’s best English-language podcasts

Words By Jill Beytin
Photos By Main Image: Bear Radio

As much as we all love to complain about how social [physical] distancing has taken away our cheeky klubnachts, canal beers, and ability to EAT PIZZA IN AN ACTUAL RESTAURANT (priorities), this is an awesome opportunity to consume all that content we’ve been putting off for… friends, the outdoors, living life, et cetera.

There are amazing podcasts coming out of our very own Berlin, waiting for your ears. We asked Jill Beytin of Berlin’s English language podcasting network, Bear Radio, for some Berlin-based podcasts for you to listen to while you feed your sourdough starter or… just stare listlessly out your window.

The Dead Ladies Show
The Dead Ladies Show is a live podcast recorded at ACUD, and is hosted by Florian Duijsens and Katy Derbyshire. Each episode tells of the life and accomplishments of an awesome dead lady. Past ladies have included Zora Neale Hurston, LaVerne Baker and Elsa Lanchester. Each episode is accompanied by a long-form blog with photos, videos and more! A truly educational listening experience!

Tanti Table
Tanti Table “is the place to bring together the Thinkers Anecdotes News Taboos and Intersectionality that shape the culture of Berlin and beyond!” In each episode, hosts Rhea Ramjohn, Goitseone Montsho, and Armeghan Taheri invite artists, scholars, and community organizers to bring intersectional perspectives to the Tanti Table. Past episodes feature discussions on self-acceptance, code switching, and even dating in Berlin!

Speaking of Rhea Ramjohn – she’s also the host of Hormonal, the podcast brought to you by Clue. Thousands of people use the Berlin-based Clue app to track their periods and other biological processes. They recently released a podcast that discusses the (often surprising) ways hormones affect our bodies every day. They interview experts on everything from how pollutants affect our bodies, to the history of hormones themselves!

Simon Ellery, or The Sausage Man, first rose to prominence when he came in to steal the wig of the traditional German sausage scene years ago. He’s been a huge success, becoming a staple of the Markthalle Neun breakfast market, and his motto, “The Sausage Man Never Sleeps,” inspires all of us to work hard. He and friend Boycey have a great podcast called “Pinnacle,” which often seamlessly blends current events and mullets into a single episode. Also just listen in if you wanna hear Simon’s awesome Kiwi accent cuss a lot.

Berlin Briefing
During the time of miss Rona, we at Bear Radio have relied heavily on the informative and easy-to-consume Berlin Briefing for daily updates on regulations, infection rates, and much more. Even before the pandemic, we were listening to host Abby tell us the latest news and current events happening in Berlin IN ENGLISH (applause, applause). It’s always been a godsend to have an English-language news podcast in Berlin, but especially during these times. Thanks for all that you do!

Afro Comb Podcast
In each episode of the new Afro Comb Podcast, host Ropafadzo Murombo brings listeners along for an in-depth, educational and insightful interview with a person of African descent living in Europe. Her first episodes feature Garey Godson, a Nigerian author and artist living in Berlin, and Mo Maureen, a Kenyan artists relation expert and creative consultant.

The Corona Diaries
Shameless Plug Alert! Julia Joubert, the Creative Director of Bear Radio, and I started a podcast where we interview experts, friends and colleagues about how corona has affected their daily lives. The Corona Diaries has featured interviews with epidemiologists, economists, human rights journalists, and much more. We’ve got 16 episodes, so there’s plenty to binge.

Radio Spatkauf
Radio Spatkauf is a mainstay in the Berlin podcasting scene. They’ve been around for years and always have hilarious stories and fascinating insights, and the hosts’ cheeky banter is a joy to listen to. They’ve got their finger on the pulse when it comes to the issues that Berliners care about (i.e. the rent freeze and those annoying scooters), so anyone living in the city will be able to relate. They’ve continued to do the podcast during quarantine times (with a bunch of fun lockdown episodes), so be sure to follow them for updates.

Even when separated by oceans during the current pandemic, Trevor Silverstein and Steindor Jonsson are still able to bring you THAT CONTENT, BABY. They’re 60 episodes deep into the Berlin Open Stage Show (BOSS), and each episode features bonkers interviews/interactions with crazy characters and even some famous figures like Bernie Sanders, Werner Herzog, Bob Dylan are known to stop by. It’s honestly perfect for taking your mind off of the shitshow we’re in.

What’s The Mate?
ANOTHER SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: What’s The Mate? was the first in-house production of Bear Radio and is an absolute joy. Hosted by Julia Joubert, What’s The Mate? has three seasons full of hilarious skits with some of Berlin’s most talented comedians, sketch artists, and improvisers. The best part is that each What’s The Mate episode features stories about Berlin that the improvisers base their skits on. Binge all 38 episodes!

Lost and Sound in Berlin
If you’re more interested in learning about the amazing musicians living in the city, be sure to check out Lost and Sound in Berlin. In each episode, “ DJ and writer Paul Hanford sets out on a journey across Berlin and meets with people whose lives and loves weave in and out of the rich tapestry of music that spans across this incredible city.” The best part is that you can tell that music really is Paul’s greatest passion and that he brings a sense of curiosity and openness to each episode.

Music Travel Guide
Maikol Piardi, Berlin-based, Italian-born marketing consultant started Music Travel Guide to showcase the musicians, founders, and producers living in Berlin. The goal of the podcast is to show listeners how they can also get involved in the local music scene. He’s produced episodes on the Berlin music festival scene, the city’s jazz community, the disco world of Berlin and more!

The Mind Takeaway
In The Mind Takeaway, Mira and Peter “celebrate what it is to be human in an age of technology, digitisation and information overload.” In each episode, the duo speaks with experts on topics like transformative leadership, mentorship, collective creativity and more. If you’re looking to spend your downtime learning to harness your potential power and success, be sure to listen in!

If you’re looking for more Berlin podcasts, or if you’d like to make your own podcast, be sure to follow Bear Radio! We’re always producing new shows, collaborating with Berlin’s audio scene, and teaching workshops. If you’d like to learn more about our own work, reach out at [email protected]!