The LOLA Show is our brand new podcast. Focused on the people and stories that make Berlin unique, a different protagonist takes the centre stage for each episode. They speak about their journey, their experiences, and the part that Berlin has played in their lives. Musicians, artists, activists and cultural entrepreneurs are all featured, with many more to come.

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Episode Five: John Kameel Farah

Canadian composer, pianist and visual artist John Kameel Farah was featured in the very first issue of LOLA Magazine back in 2016. John splits his time between Berlin and Toronto, and in Berlin, he’s best known for his concert series ‘Music for Organ and Synthesizers’.

He has toured throughout Europe, the UK and North America, collaborated with ballet stars and astrophysicists, and has released several albums of original music.

John met with LOLA editor Dan Cole to talk about the unusual origins of his passion for music and how Berlin influences his life and work.

John Kameel Farah on LOLA
John Kameel Farah’s website

Episode Four: Joel Dullroy

Joel Dullroy is an Australian journalist who has been living in Berlin for over a decade. He’s a co-founder and presenter of the brilliant Radio Spaetkauf, a Berlin news podcast in English, which has yielded two spin-off podcasts – How To Fuck Up An Airport and Rent Freeze.

Joel met with LOLA Editor-in-Chief, Jonny Tiernan, to talk about what brought him to Europe, why he continues to be fascinated by the stories of Berlin, and how his life in the city has evolved and progressed over the years.

Radio Spaetkauf’s website

Episode Three: Pornceptual

Many people know of Pornceptual from their sex positive parties, which have been taking place regularly in Berlin for more than six years. But there is much more to Pornceptual than just partying. They bring art to the world of porn, presenting queer, diverse and inclusive porn through their website and magazine.

Pornceptual founders Raquel Fedato and Chris Philips met with LOLA Editor Dan Cole to talk about the origins of the project, and why porn and partying are more revolutionary than you might think.

Pornceptual on LOLA
More Pornceptual on LOLA
Pornceptual’s website

Episode Two: Sophia Hoffmann

Sophia Hoffmann has been a Berliner for more than ten years, but her path to becoming such a well regarded vegan chef and food activist was not a straightforward one. She has published three books to date, and her most recent, Zero Waste Küche, or Zero Waste Kitchen, focuses on how to approach food and cooking in the most sustainable way possible.

Sophia met with LOLA Editor Dan Cole to talk about her journey, including the high, the lows and the challenges of running a business in Berlin’s food scene.

Sophia Hoffman on LOLA
Sophia’s website

Episode One: Robot Bennett

Whereas most 70-year-olds are content to draw a pension and relax, Robot Bennett prefers to be behind the decks of Sisyphos’ Hammerhalle at 3am on a Monday morning. Delve into his amazing story and find out how he became a DJ in his late 60s and why he uses his proximity to death as a selling point.

Robot Bennett on LOLA
Robot Bennett on Mixcloud

The LOLA Show Team

Producer: Ciara Gillan (recklessfascination.com)
Sound Recording and Editing: Tom Evans (Particle Sound)
Interviews: Dan Cole (thedancolereview.com)  & Jonny Tiernan (jonnytiernan.com)

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