Loop Create

Free, interactive event brings together music-makers to share, reflect, and create

Free event, registration required
Saturday 29.10.2022

Loop Create is an interactive, online event for music makers of all stripes. Intended as a celebration of collectivity and community in the musical field, this afternoon of activities brings together anyone interested in making music — from renowned, professional musicians to hobbyists and amateurs — to prove that creativity thrives in multitudinous spaces. 

This year’s theme, Get Together, demonstrates just that. Understanding that meaningful collaboration can transcend physical proximity, Loop is embracing an accessible online model to bring together a huge array of talent and perspectives. Free for everyone and with a limitless capacity, the event is designed for anyone who wants to actively learn about, share, and create music. 

Loop is organised by Ableton, a leading music production tech company which supplies a range of music software for creators. Rest assured, these guys know music. They’ve pulled together stand-out talents from their network of music creators to share some knowledge, spread some joy, and ultimately, to make some good music. 

The schedule for the day includes interviews and talks from exciting keynote speakers, such as a conversation with Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater. Both have been key collaborators on Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar Award winning film scores, like Chernobyl and Joker. They’ll open up about learning how to effectively collaborate with other creatives, balancing your own vision and input with others’, and perfecting the art of listening in a collaborative setting. 

Later in the day, there’ll be time for virtual hangouts between attendees, as well as interactive workshops led by professional musicians. The final activity ties together the events of whole day with a live creative collaboration between musicians Aquarian and Mustelide, who will join forces to help each other get unstuck on two unfinished projects, along with input from attendees.

With diversity and collaboration at the heart of this event, people from all places, backgrounds, and levels are invited to join in, and all music genres are included. There’s also an option for attendees to join a discord server to interact and keep in touch. 

The event will take place from 4pm onwards on Saturday the 29th October, and is completely free (pre-registration is required to get your login details). It’s recommended to stay for the whole event to get the most out of it, but it’s also possible to drop in and out of sessions as you like. 

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