Queens of the Stoneage

How many song references can you fit in a preview?

Words By Paul Mac

Date: 11.11.17
Venue: Velodrom Berlin
Time: 18:00

It’s a fact, the best fact, a really really well known fact, that the Lost Art of Keeping A Secret is now something that No One Knows. All you Regular Johns and Little Sisters know this and so do Queens Of The Stone Age. It is therefore no secret that with their new album, Villians, QOTSA want to Make It Wit Chu! When better to get Skin on Skin indulging in the spectacle of their stone age Lullabys than when the band visit Berlin, Velodrom on 11th November. The band are professing that we do this The Way We Used To Do, so let’s obey, don’t Hideaway like Domesticate Animals. The Evil Has Landed and I hope on this occasion your Feet Don’t Fail [you]!

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