Gala for Villa Kuriosum

A unique fundraiser full of punk music, puppets, and bizarre fun

Words By Kaitlyn Richey

Date: 10.3.2019
Venue: SO36
Time: 17:00

Performance artists and musicians gather from all the crazy corners of Berlin to raise money for Villa Kuriosum, a modern-day curiosity cabinet and artistic venue that holds visual and performance exhibitions. Presented by Circus Charivari, an interdisciplinary group that focuses on circus performance and various other art forms, the gala will feature tantalizing and enigmatic entertainment from Rummel Rausch and Daughters (performing for the first time indoors), and Zakapüs the Flea Circus. Following these freakish and comical artists is a musical performance by Phaedro’s Funeral, and special guest René Marik, the amazing puppeteer. The official performances wrap up with a concert from The Fucking Sneakers, but the party will continue with a DJ playing into the night. Behold all of the magic and curiosities in store for you at the Gala.

In a sentence: What exactly is in store may be mysteriously vague, but we know it will be fantastic