A curated independent concept store featuring unique fashion and art

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We love STUDIO183 for the way it reveals the sticking power of a good idea. Namely, a store dedicated to curating the best of independent Berlin-based and international designers and artists, supporting this with innovative events and happenings, and building a community.

Back in 2015, Katrina Ryback and her crew had the inspired idea to create a pop-up shop specialising in unique fashion from independent Berlin designers. Right from the start, it pushed itself more as a concept than just a straight up shop, with DJs playing in the store and a real sense of community. It provided a platform and outlet for new and emerging designers to display and sell their collections, and provided a more accessible route for people to get in touch with bespoke fashion.

The initial concept was a hit, and so the crew did another version – this time in Bikini Berlin. This worked too, and the crew decided the pop-up shop should be permanently popped up, and it became their first fixed location. In 2016, they took on a unit at 183 Brunnenstraße, and as it was no longer a pop-up, it was rebranded as STUDIO183.

This shop at Brunnenstraße built on the foundations of the pop-ups ramped things up a gear. The collections on offer started to go beyond Berlin to include international designers and artists, and the in-store events became bigger, regularly featuring live music, DJs, performances and live tattooing. The store in Bikini Berlin was eventually rebranded as STUDIO183, and in time the Brunnenstraße location was closed to make Bikini the main home once again.

STUDIO183 online:
Instagram: @studio183_berlin
Facebook: Studio183Berlin