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Berlin has a reputation as being one of the world’s epicentres of sex and openness. In fact, we would argue that at this point it is THE epicentre of sexuality and free expression. The special BERLINABLE project is both a product of this environment and a key protagonist within it. Founded by Giada Armani and now co-led alongside the PORNCEPTUAL art collective, BERLINABLE publishes erotic stories and audio of the highest quality, seeking to elevate the artform and give it the respect and representation it deserves. It provides a platform for authors and artists from across the globe to share their erotic stories and art.

The starting point of all sexual exploration is in the mind. Before we can live out our fantasies, we must first imagine them. In this way, BERLINABLE is a source of inspiration and a guide to help you learn more about yourself and your desires. There is erotica of every shade and persuasion on BERLINABLE – queer, BDSM, female-centric, lesbian and more – and no matter whether you’re looking for something soft and romantic or hard and kinky, there are stories to suit your taste.

It isn’t just about the exceptional stories, there is an abundance of delectable art and vivacious photography on the platform and BERLINABLE are regularly involved in kink events, from erotic readings to fully-fledged hedonistic parties. There is a real community feeling and vibe behind it. If you become a member, you get unlimited access to more than 500 audio features and stories and access to over 250 artists from across five continents. Are you ready to embrace erotica?

LOLA Members can sign up to BERLINABLE at a special rate: 60% off the normal annual membership price (€26.64 per year instead of €66.60).
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