die deutSCHule

Learn German in the heart of Neukölln

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#Language Learning

The 18th century classics scholar Richard Polson famously said “life is too short to learn German”, and the truth is that anyone who has learned German as a second language is probably inclined to agree. We’re not gonna lie to you, it is bloody hard, but it’s also incredibly worthwhile. And if you’re going to learn German (which you should), then Die deutSCHule is a great school to enroll at.

Die deutSCHule offers in-person and online classes for every German level, telc and TestDaf preparation courses, grammar and writing courses, plus conversation courses. The school is located in the heart of Neukölln, so there are a ton of places to get coffee, food or a drink before or after class, although the school itself has a cracking cafe so you’re best just getting your coffee there.

The vibe of the school is super friendly yet very professional, and it is firmly embedded in the LGBTQI+ community. Learning German is gonna be hard, so you may as well do it in the most enjoyable way possible.