Virginia de Diaz

Sex Life Photographer

For the last two years, @lofuturo has been wiggling around Berlin charming admirers with her performance, because she is the real performance. The city lights shine for her, creating a new range of colours that she will adopt as inspiration for her next makeup. To understand more about this personality we need to find out about its nature; Virginia is trained at the School of Photography in Coruña and has collaborated in projects for magazines such as Metal, Neo2, Rolling Stone or Siegessäule. She carried out several exhibitions in Spain, Edinburgh, Warsaw or Berlin, city in which we could enjoy her work for the Berlin Porn Festival as well as her collaboration behind cameras in some projects with Lustery, by Erika Lust. Surfing through her career, we find the common denominator of her work is a special emphasis on female sexuality as well as on the role of women in society. Virginia is the photographer portrayed behind the camera, always ready to start a new show.

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