Valentina Culley-Foster


Valentina Culley-Foster is a Berlin-based freelance photographer and Art Director of the two-headed production company called ‘Grin and Bear Studios’ specialising in visual branding for Film & Photography. She grew up in Virginia (USA) and in the Rhineland Palatinate (Germany). Valentina has worked in the photography industry since 2010 and always stays up to date with the latest visual image trends. She shoots both digital and analogue in studio or on location. What reflects strongly in her work is that she is a trained photographer, having studied Photography at the University of the Arts London (Foundation Diploma, 2010) and at Westminster University (Bachelor Honours Photographic Arts, 2013). At the start of her career she assisted some of the most established fashion photographers of leading international magazines and ad campaigns at Spring Studios in London. She progressed to working for photo agencies as a content curator and project manager booking photographers for shoots worldwide. Valentina’s personal photography has been exhibited in galleries in London, Berlin, Belfast and Derry. Check out her work via Grin&BearStudios.