LOLA Issue Two

Featuring Peaches, Pansy, Pornceptual and more

We’re immensely proud of the content of LOLA Issue Two. It has some of our favourite stories and it just a lovely piece of work. It features Berlin’s most beloved drag queen Pansy, the sex positive art party pornographers Pornceptual, cabaret and street performing legend Roc Roc-It, Bulgarian pop queen DENA, the Real Junk Food Project, award-winning artist Andreas Greiner, crossover music sensation Symphoniacs, the incredible tale of Auschwitz survivor Coco Schumann, German actor Pit Bukowski and a special report on Culture Night Belfast.

It was a real coo for us to have Peaches grace the cover of our second issue, but it wasn’t easy to organise! We wanted to get the issue out ahead of her Berlin performance in Columbiahalle, but Peaches was on tour across the world at the time. In order to make it happen, we needed to find a way to do a photo shoot with her while she was on the road. We spotted on the schedule that Peaches was going to be in Canada, so using some connections we managed to set up a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Udall at the venue before the show. Incredibly, it worked out! Tyler also organised Leila Bani to style the shoot, and Peaches like some of the outfits so much she actually bought them and took them on the rest of the tour.

The eagle-eyed among you may realise that this cover is not the original cover photo we used for the print issue. Truth be known, we were never fully satisfied with the choice we made back then. We thought the microphone image might have been a bit too much for our second issue. In hindsight, we should have just went for it. It’s much more punk rock and in keeping with our ethos, so we decided to change it for the online version.

You can order a copy of Issue One by sending €5 via paypal to [email protected]