LOLA Issue Eight

Featuring Juliana Huxtable, Berlin Strippers Collective, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding and more

Acht-ung Baby!

LOLA Issue Eight only exists due the generosity of everyone who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign. We’re beyond grateful for the support we received.

Inside the wonderfully aromatic pages you’ll find features on Juliana Huxtable, Berlin Strippers Collective, Hera, Universal Basic Income, projekt k_40, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, Peter Bialobrzeski, the best Berlin records of 2020, Weird Museums, and more.

You can order a copy of Issue Eight to anywhere in the world. We’re powered by donations, so any extra support is very welcome.

Inside Germany: €5 minimum donation / €10 suggested donation
Rest of EU/World: €8 minimum donation / €12 suggested donation

To order simply send your name, address and donation via PayPal to [email protected]