LOLA Magazine

Celebrating the people, stories and places that make Berlin special

LOLA is Berlin’s only freemium English-language cultural magazine, bringing the spirit of Berlin to print and digital through in-depth interviews, features, recommendations and news.

Exploring music, art, cinema, theatre, and much more, LOLA tells the stories of Berlin’s most fascinating people, events, and places, helping you to discover the best of the city.

5,000 copies of the magazine are printed and distributed through venues, cafes, cinemas, galleries, retail outlets, and more. Below is a map of the locations where Issue Six has been made available. If you would like to see the magazine in a new location then get in contact via

Mail Order:
For the price of admin and delivery, we will post a copy of LOLA to wherever you are in the world. Simply send the correct amount via PayPal to, and we will take care of the rest.
Pricing: within Germany: €3 / Rest of EU: €5 / Rest of World: €7

Below are full PDFs of each issue, but if you prefer the magnificent smell and feel of a physical magazine then just follow the instructions above.

LOLA Issue Seven

Featuring: Gudrun Gut, Berlin’s Five-Year Rent Free, Humans of New York, Sophia Hoffman, Net Art in Berlin, Skirt Club, KALTBLUT Magazine, Bearpit Karaoke, Eco Fashion and more.

LOLA Issue Six

Featuring: Nils Frahm, How To Fuck Up An Aiport, Circus Charivari, Robot Bennett, Podcasts of Berlin, Marga van den Meydenberg, Sonntag, Radbahn, Soheil Moradianboroujeni, Disco Halal, DADDY Magazine, Curses and more.

LOLA Issue Five

Featuring: Tricky, Shahak Shapira, Photoautomat, Seoul’s Drag Queens, FotoKlub Kollektiv, Kolja Kugler, Ida Tin, Romano, Kevin Braddock, Project Mooncircle, Wings of Desire, Andy Kassier and more.

LOLA Issue Four

Featuring: Moderat, Microdosing LSD, Yony Leyser, Julia Bosski, Pinball in Berlin, Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Käthe Kollwitz, Notes of Berlin, Sara Neidorf and more.

LOLA Issue Three

Featuring: Boys Noize, Black Cracker, Gurr, Bruce LaBruce, Seydo Uzun, Eylül Aslan, Birdwatching in Berlin, Cher Nobyl, Britta Thie and more.

LOLA Issue Two

Featuring: Peaches, DENA, Roc Roc-It, Pornceptual, Andreas Greiner, Pansy, Coco Schumann, Symphoniacs, Pit Bukowski and more.

LOLA Issue One

Featuring: Mark Reeder, Konrad Langer, Nikias Chryssos, Herbert Schmidt, Sara Jordenö, Caroline Clifford, Horse and Pony, Berlin GAA, John Kameel Farah and more.

…and here is a super nice video documenting the printing of Issue One, made by the wonderful and talented Ben Jones.