Video Premiere: Passing Lines

Flesh and wire entangle in this performance-installation

Erika Clugston

A body steps onto a stage. We see a bare foot amidst a tangled installation of wire sculptures, hard lines and angles filling the space.

Organic flesh and blood is juxtaposed with the inanimate objects, giving new meaning and purpose to the art installation as a naked dancer reassembles and redefines the work. This is Passing Lines.

The performance–installation, Passing Lines took place in Berlin in August 2017. The installation, performance, and video were created by David Pollman with the help of dance artist Diego Olea and visual artist Sebastian Escalona, both based in Santiago de Chile.

While the performance and installation were ephemeral, the video captures not only the motions of the evening but also the energy in the room,  recontextualised in the present moment.

David will be featured in a solo exhibition this December. Go to his website or click here for more information.