Video: Free Free Dom Dom ‘Bye Bye’

Berlin's sweetest electro-pop duo make friendship breakups sound surprisingly good

Words By Jonny Tiernan
Photos By Main Image by Philippe Duval

Relocating to Berlin two years ago, French electro-pop duo Free Free Dom Dom have really started to come out of their shell in recent months. They’re establishing themselves in the local scene and the gigs have been coming thick and fast.

At the turn of the year they played one of the stand-out sets from the Bang On Festival, and most recently they supported Russian ravers Little Big in Gretchen. Now they’ve dropped their brand new single ‘Bye Bye’, and it is a wee bit deceptive. Not bad deceptive, it’s just that the effervescent, carefree vibe is masking a deeper meaning. ‘Bye Bye’ tackles the subject of friendship breakups, and the feelings that come when this kind of relationship ends. Singer Little Voice has a knack for using her vocal range to make a potentially depressing topic feel almost uplifting.

The video is a charmingly DIY affair featuring Little Voice goofing around, dancing and living her best life in Tokyo. It has a vintage aesthetic that sticks to the right side of kitsch and pays tribute to our analogue past. The whole thing was shot by Japanese artist Yukari Shinomiya in collaboration with Jenna Rika. Check the video below, and listen to more music on the Free Free Dom Dom Soundcloud.