In Pictures: Lesbian Visibility Day 2019

Lesbians and allies alike join for a Kiss-In demonstration at Alexanderplatz

Words By Kate Lis
Photos By Virginia de Diaz

In a city that constantly presents you with images of eccentric male gay party culture and an abundant variety of queer identities, it seems the ‘L’ in the lgbtqia+ acronym sometimes slips under the radar. On this occasion, it was time to make some visual noise, and to that end the Berliner crew Various P invited lesbians and allies alike to join for a Kiss-In demonstration at Alexanderplatz.

Aiming to be witnessed by as many as possible, the crew had set up by the world clock, and for an hour on a sunny Friday afternoon, people took part in the most peaceful demonstration with a public make-out session. Many appeared with their loved one(s) and volunteered to kiss in front of a row of cameras.

Here is a selection of photos taken to document a love that is equal to any other love, and a love that deserves a public celebration.