Verloren in Berlin und Bukarest

Photographing the turbulent lives of street youth

Words By Erika Clugston

It’s hard to imagine the struggles and realities of a teenager living on the street. For those willing to try, Verloren in Berlin und Bukarest is an exhibition that melds anthropology and photography to tell the interesting and painful stories of homeless youth in Berlin and Bucharest.

Many young people flee home-abuse and end up on the street. In Germany, many flee to Berlin, seeking out the big city out in desperate hopes of something better. Approximately 2,000 young people live on the streets in Berlin, struggling with concern for food, safety, and drug abuse.

Photographers Fara Phoebe Zetzsche and Massimo Branca accompanied street youth, in Berlin and Bucharest respectively, and documented their stories of survival. Zetzsche’s project, Stray Kids documented young Berliners living on the streets and received the Lammerhuber Photography Award in 2014. Branca’s project, Inside Outside Under Bucharest followed the lives of young people living in the underground tunnels of Bucharest. His work won the Lumix Hanover Festival Public Choice Award in 2016.

Scroll through the selection of powerful photos below. The exhibition ran at the Willy-Brandt-Haus March 16th – May 21st, 2017.

Massimo Branca, Inside Outside Under Bucharest


Fara Phoebe Zetzsche, Stray Kids

Check out the websites of Massimo Branca and Fara Phoebe Zetzsche for more information. The exhibition at the Willy-Brandt-Haus ran until May 21, 2017.