Quarantine Through the Lens: Mario Heller

How Berlin photographers have creatively responded to the corona crisis

Words By Jonny Tiernan
Photos By Mario Heller

Continuing in our series portraying the creative responses of photographers to the corona crisis, LOLA’s Photography Director Mario Heller reveals how he coped with his three weeks of lockdown in Berlin.

The first time I heard from the virus, I was still working as a photo editor for a major German newspaper. I didn’t think about the impact of it at all and nobody in my team did. When it started, I was on a project in Switzerland. Everything began to close and I got worried if I will be able to get back to Berlin. When I returned to Berlin, everything was already shut down. My hairstyle was crappy and the hundred thousand Turkish hairdressers in Neukölln were closed. Without further ado, I shaved my hair off. It didn’t look any better after that, but it was the beginning of an intensive phase of self-reflection. How do I feel in my body? How does my home look like and how do I appear in it? For three weeks in Berlin, I photographed myself in different life situations, often completely unnatural and captured other moments of my everyday life.