LOLA Live w/ Skiing, Big Eater, Goblin Prince & Acid Gold

The first LOLA event of 2020 was an absolute blast

Words By Jonny Tiernan
Photos By Mario Heller

On Friday January 24 we threw the first LOLA party of 2020. It took place in Loophole, the inimitable and offbeat venue in Neukölln, and featured Skiing, Big Eater and Goblin Prince playing live and Acid Gold DJing.

Big Eater kicked off proceedings by preaching the punk funk disco gospel, bringing the dancing, energy and vibes. Goblin Prince followed with a captivating performance – tender yet powerful with a delightful mix of eccentricity and balladry. Skiing was the final live act, and if you’re not charmed by his combination of quirky visuals and indie-pop chops then you’re dead inside. He even snuck in a cover of Swing Out Sister’s 80’s classic ‘Break Out’. Finally, Acid Gold took on the DJ duties, traversing everything from cool and credible DiscoPunk right through to pop and hip-hop skirting the edge of good taste.

If you missed out on the night, here’s a little peek into what went down.