In Pictures: Berlin Coffee Festival

Getting our grind on at the annual caffeine-centric happening

Words By Dan Cole
Photos By Yvonne Hartmann

It goes without saying that the Berlin coffee scene has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The culmination of which is the fifth edition of the Berlin Coffee Festival, a week-long series of events throughout the city, along with a fair showcasing the city’s leading roasteries at Markthalle Neun. Full of caffeinated hype, hot coffee, and percolated pizzazz, LOLA went to the festival finale to see what was brewing.

With over 30 roasteries showcasing their beans, brews and baristas, the Berlin Coffee Festival was abuzz with coffee-nerds, getting their kicks from the assorted on-offer varieties. All of Berlin’s favourite roasters were there, including The Barn, Five Elephant, and vote coffee, all dishing out filter blends, and espressos.

The theme of this year’s festival was transparency and sustainability, with the aim of communicating the struggle coffee farmers are facing with falling market prices. One way in which this manifested was the introduction of the Berlin Batch, a coffee that’s made from one entire production from a selected farm in Costa Rica. The coffee was then made by each roastery in their own particular way, and made available during the event. The price and costs of each step in the process is then shared and made open to all, in order for attendees to see where the money goes. The farmers themselves were also flown in as guests to share their own experiences. 

For more info about the Berlin Batch, and how revenues from the coffee sales are distributed, you can read more on their website.