Video Premiere: Hior Chronik ‘Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake’

A dreamlike concoction of ambiance, drone, and harmonics

Words By Erika Clugston

The music swells, both melancholy and tender, as poetic grey landscapes entice us into a surreal world of empty lake-sides and fluttering leaves. This is the dreamscape crafted by Hior Chronik in his music video, ‘Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake’.

Chronik’s musical soundscapes play with ambient, drone and indie-neoclassical elements. ‘Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake’ was shot in Poland and Berlin and is the first release from his upcoming album. The new record, Out Of The Dust will be released on 7K on December 1st, 2017.

Chronik says of his music, “I tried to combine ambient and drone sounds with strings and piano following a harmonic direction”.  He goes on, “I wanted to make a soundtrack for a movie that was never shot”. Explore the neo-classical scene and enjoy ‘Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake’ for the first time here: