Tour Diary: Gurr

The Berlin-based Garage-rockers share photos from their recent European tour

Garage-rockers Gurr have been charming Berlin’s audiences since 2012, and received skyrocketing attention following the release of their full-length debut, In My Head, last year. 

Weller-esque polo shirts meet big old Epiphone guitars in style and sound, and their second single ‘Walnuts’ delivers strong hooks and catchy singalongs in spades. Here, Gurr take us along for the ride on the tour that would lead up to a sold-out show at Lido.







In Brighton we stayed with Liam’s mum, in a house that has hosted bands like La Luz and Hinds before. Lewis, a good friend who kindly agreed to drive us nutties around, really fell in love with one of the inhabitants.
Here are Liam and Laura on the streets of Brighton the day after the show, being very German and waiting for Liam’s friend who was ten minutes late. The trains weren’t running that day (apparently a common thing) and our label manager Grant missed a lot of appointments.



In My Head is out now on Duchess Box Records.