Song Premiere: KOY ‘RUN’

Did someone say 'electronic mermaid witchcraft'?

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By Dragan Simicevic

Electronic mermaid witchcraft, new wave beats, and 80s dream-pop come together in KOY’s latest single, ‘RUN’. Here we unveil KOY’s second release and discover the artist behind it.

Berlin-based composer and singer, Victoria Trunova, is the woman behind the solo project, KOY. Born in St. Petersburg and raised in Germany, she spends much of her life traveling. This has infused KOY’s music with an eclecticism inspired by her journeys.

KOY’s second single, ‘RUN’, is a call to run away – throbbing with 80s dance beats that are both achingly mysterious and strangely uplifting. KOY tells us, “RUN is about those violent changes that life forces upon us sometimes, about living a life that is not yours and pretending to be someone you are not, about breaking free from conventions and tearing down walls!”

The single was mixed and co-produced by Norwegian producer Matias Tellez, and mastered by Jørgen Træen. Give it a listen here: