Coming To Town: HVOB

We catch up with the band ahead of their sold-out Berlin gig

Words By Maggie Devlin
Photos By Lukas Gansterer

HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) are an Austrian two-piece who on April 20th will play a sold-out show at Berlin’s Asta Kulturhaus. We catch up with one half of the act, Anna Müller about dream tour buddies and working the small things into big tunes.

You’re about to start your European tour. What are you looking forward to about hitting the road?
About presenting our new album and our live show to people. We have put a lot of effort and love into every detail.

If you had to be stuck on the autobahn with a flat tire, which other band or artist would you like to be stuck with?
Die Heiterkeit.

You sold out your Berlin show. How does that make you feel?
Grateful – we did not even dare to dream about that.

In previous interviews, you’ve talked about how it’s not always understood that you co-produce as well as sing. Are things getting better? What would you like to see change?
I think as soon as you are not a female solo artist and there is a male person involved, it is assumed that the female part must be the singer only. Meanwhile I don’t see it as my task to make this clear anymore. Everybody who is interested in HVOB knows that Paul and me are equally responsible for the music. There are more important things.

In ‘Blame Game’ you ask, ‘Is there any tea left?’ How much do you like to bring the real world into your songwriting?
I try to create worlds that catch you with the small things, I have never been a fan of big drama lyrics.

There’s a lot of space on your new record, Silk – quieter interludes and silences. How do you recreate this with a live audience?
We had some shows with the new record already, and it worked really well – we give every song the sound and silence it needs. Also live. We really want to present our new album 100 percent pure and real.

What’s the best moment in the journey from song conception to album release for you?
Performing it live on stage for the first time – to me it is like the end of the journey of producing an album.

What’s the best pre-game album for a HVOB show?
13&God (Selftiteld).

For a chance to win tickets to the sold-out show at Berlin’s Asta Kulturhaus, check the LOLA Facebook.