Club Curating with Mark Gill

Mark Gill of Fandango guides you through this month's tastiest club events

Words By Mark Gill

Each month we invite a leading voice in the Berlin club scene to spill the tea on what tasty events they have lined up in their calendar. From delicious parties to quirky dungeons, prepare for your weekends to be entirely curated and your calendars to be spicier than ever.

For this installment of Club Curating, we invited Mark Gill of Fandango fame to take the reins. If you meet a playful, curious, kind soul on one of Berlin’s dance floors you can bet your bottom dollar that Fandango is one of their favorite boogie haunts. Coined by a mischievous, intimate, and welcoming energy, the party has gone from strength to strength in recent years and Mark is one of its founding fathers. 

We checked in with Gill to get the low down on what events he has lined up in his calendar and he didn’t disappoint. Have your Google Cals at the ready folks, Mark has served us a full-blown meal.


What: La Noche
Where: OHM
When: Feb 4th, 23:00

La Noche – the first of a new event series from Byron Yeates, DHC, and THC. This is an entirely new party that’s coming from favourite local scene sweethearts and icons, and one which I’ll be super happy to dance and sweat in OHM this month. 

This team has helped shape and inspire music and nightlife culture in Berlin and beyond. La Noche marks a significant moment in the Berlin clubbing scene, one where this magic trio joins together, and one that I’m beyond excited and grateful for. 

Everyone behind this collective is leading from the front in the best way – inspiring, encouraging, and providing space for emerging DJs/producers/promoters, including myself, to go beyond – to dig, to produce, to be confident, to create, and their new party is a celebration of that. 

Please note: this is a queer event, carving out space for Flinta – everyone is welcome with this in mind.


What: Hypersoft
Where: Renate
When: Feb 11th, 23:00

An amazing queer collective with flawless consistency in their bookings and a special flair of kindness with their curation – Hypersoft is continuing their reign of Renate with their regular programme of incredible trance, prog, and queer youth. 

With a bubbling lineup of DJs featuring sets from Bambi, Space Cadets (Adam Pits + Lisene), and resident lovelies TPR and DJ TEETH, this promises to be one for the books.


What: Body Language
Where: AEVE
When: Feb 11th, 23:00

Body-Language have done an incredible job at taking the energy of Kake from the glory days at Ziegrastrasse (R.I.P, teardrop) to their new home at AEVE

I think the essence of Body Language can be summarized perfectly by the custom tapestry that hangs proudly at their event that reads, ‘FEMMES TO THE FRONT’ – it’s a party for the community by the community. 

Again, on Feb 11th they come through with a highly danceable lineup including ft personal favs Alison Swing, ChewChew, and Stella Zekri


What: The Slump
Where: ?????
When: Feb 18th 

This one is fronted with possibly my favorite party name ever – The Slump.

Coined by Big Leg and Jonah Considine this party has hosted several slump fests in infamous off-locations around Berlin. With little known now about the next location, certain aspects of their February installment are still veiled in a big bag of mystery, however, you can be certain that that it will feature a big chunk of musical expertise from fantastic curators and their selected accompaniment Akimat and The Frosch Prince.


What: Art is a Weapon!
Where: Alte Münze
When: Feb 25th, 12:00

This is a Ukrainian modern art and culture event that combines music, theatre, exhibition, tattoos, and food. Within this event, artists from Ukraine aim to create together in response to the Russian invasion of their country.

There has been ongoing attempted cultural diminishment by Russia against Ukraine for years and now, of course, that diminishment is more dangerous, apparent, and tragic than ever. The organizers of this event, Vitsche, are doing amazing work culturally, politically and humanitarian to aid this crisis. Please support them and Ukraine in any way possible.


What: Fandango
Where: The Lighthouse at Plötzensee
When: Feb 12th and 26th 

This month the Lighthouse club will open on Feb 12th and Feb 26th with our dancefloors jumping through genres and styles like no-ones business. 

Having recently opened a new aquarium-themed space in addition to our cave room, we invite you to dip your toes in our delicious atmosphere which will be soundtracked by trusted long-time Fandango favorites. 

On Feb 12th we have the Tokyo-raised Paris-born stylings of Alex from Tokyo warming up the decks at sunrise and on the 26th, we welcome the gorgeous French duo Nummer.  

Trust me, fellas, you don’t want to miss these dates. See you there.


Keep up with Fandango on their Instagram, and make sure you stay up to date with everything else happening in the city over on our events page.