LOLA Recommends: Art Events in May

Bold and experimental contemporary art

Words By Erika Clugston

A whimsical maze of umbrellas, an evening of conceptual dance, and intimately playful photography are just some of this month’s top finds.

We hope you’re not too tired after the slew of exhibitions last month had to offer. Berlin’s art world is in full swing this May, and we’ve selected a variety of must-see events that speak to the intersectionality of art. This month’s exhibitions explore many disciplines, delving into food culture, mathematics, and literature in playful and thoughtful ways. Mark your calendars for these events, as you won’t want to miss them.

Unknown Black
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Opening: May 2nd, 19:00
Runs: May 3rd – July 2nd, 2017

Science, food, and art come together in this unusual exhibition, Unknown Black. Artists Amadeus Lindemann and Chiara Weis use installation, sculpture, music, and film to explore ‘black food’. The colour black is culturally associated with grief, death, elegance, and mystery. The artists play with these ideas in collaboration with Professor Dr. Guido Ritter of Food Lab Münster, who has studied sensory expectations of black food.

At the opening, expect a live musical performance, interactive installations, and conceptual food and drinks. And don’t forget to wear black!

An Evening with Poet Ryan Van Winkle
Circus Hostel: Cellar Bar and Library
May 4th, 19:00

Poet, live artist, podcaster, and critic Ryan Van Winkle will read poetry from his award-winning collections The Good Dark and Tomorrow, We Will Live Here. Join for an intimate evening of poetic performance and literary introspection. You’re invited ask questions of the poet and show off your own skills in a live-writing contest, which Ryan will judge that evening. RSVP to [email protected] to save yourself a seat in the cozy Cellar Bar.

Math Creations
SPEKTRUM art_technology_community
May 5th, 18:00

Though some may shudder at the thought, mathematics and art are closely linked. If you need to see it to believe it, check out the Math Creations Exhibition – the final event of the Berlin contest for creative, mathematically-based work. The exhibition features the winners of the three-staged contest, showcasing their innovative creations. A professional filming team will be present for the event, going on to produce a feature film of the exhibition to be screened internationally. It’s an interesting event for nerds and art freaks alike.

MYSTI: I might simply drift past you… a hiccup in purple… a careless cocksuck with no contact info… memory without name.
KW Berlin, Bob’s Pogo Bar
May 11th, 20:00

For a raunchy and thought-provoking performance, book a spot at Bob’s Pogo Bar, an installation created by artist and designer Robert Wilhite that imitates the ’90s era bar that previously existed in the basement of KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Artist MYSTI presents her latest and most biographical essay, reflecting on the power dynamics of a dinner party in a provocative performance, creating a dialogue between the artist and audience. In the words of the artist:

“How do I change the table? Make the gathering a bit more of what it is for me… a murky pond… a bit of money and wishful thinking.”

To attend the event, RSVP to [email protected].

Die Fotografierte Ferne
Berlinische Galerie
Opening: May 18th, 19:00
Runs: May 19th – September 11th, 2017

Travel and photography go hand in hand – we document the foreign and record our encounters. But what is it that, with the split-second click of a button, prompts a photographer to take a photograph?

Die Fotografierte Ferne, presented by the Berlinische Galerie, is a comprehensive exhibition reflecting the history of art photography and travel. With more than 180 works by 17 photographers, the selection of work reflects on the photographic history of globalisation and global perceptions. Since the 1920s, travel photography has become an artistic response whilst travelling. Featuring a myriad of world-renowned photographers, the exhibition takes a look at the idea of the ‘foreign as exotic’ and the role that photography plays in such expectations. For what you choose to take a photo of may reveal more of yourself than of the ‘other’.

Non-binary Portraits
Opening: May 19th, 18:00
Runs: May 20th – 31st, 2017

With strikingly bold and vibrant photographs, Laurence Philomène explores non-binary identity and presents people as they would like to be seen. Showcasing the beauty and diversity of trans and non-binary individuals, Non-binary Portraits highlights the power of representation. Non-binary individuals are under-represented in the mainstream media and in her portraits Philomène provides an outlet for personal expression and visual presence for the people she photographs.

The exhibition, presented by Curated by GIRLS, is the Canadian photographer’s first solo show in Berlin and she will be present at the opening. We’re also looking forward to an exclusive workshop on May 20th at Blogfabrik. Stay tuned for more details!

Labyrinth of Lies
Willner Brauerei
May 25th & 26th

Enter a spectacular maze of 400 colourful umbrellas, twisting through the old industrial monument, Willner Brewery Berlin, and find yourself in a bright new world of whimsy. The installation, Labyrinth of Lies, is collaboration between London-based duo The Connor Brothers and Berlin artist Sven Sauer, and is premiering in Berlin before travelling to London, Paris, and Moscow. The artists are known for their work dealing with contemporary media and public perception. In this new age of alternative facts, the exhibition questions our sources of information – who can we trust?

Due to space limitations the labyrinth can only be viewed with a free ticket. They’re going fast, so reserve your spot for a magical experience.

The Plague of Desire
Der Acker Stadt Palast
May 31st – June 3rd

In a cathartic performance, The Plague of Desire: Portrait of a Disgusting Pig as Performed by 3 Sexy Bitches, three women explore the theme of desire through dance. In chaotic and orderly moments of physicality, the dancers expand on a male stream of consciousness, grappling with sexual urges and the culturally cultivated attitude of men towards women. Director and choreographer Jahman Davine considers philosophical and psychoanalytic theories to construct a performance both conceptual and visceral.