LOLA Recommends: Art Events in February

Choice contemporary art, film, and performance

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By Main image: Lola Rossi

Let’s face it: February is for building forts under the sheets and staying in bed all weekend long. But every once in a while, after the cabin fever sets in, it’s necessary to brave the blistering cold winds for a fun, maybe even cultured, evening out.

Just in case, we’ve picked out a few art events that will make it worth your while. Film festivals and gallery openings, feminist porn and – wait for it – more porn! What more could you ask for in the dreariest month of the year? So crawl out from under the covers, pretend you’re not experiencing major S.A.D. feelings, and find yourself a pick-me-up in these magical events.

Final Girls Film Fest
February 1st – 3rd

If you have a passion for dark, nightmarish cinema, then this is the event for you. The Final Girls Film Fest is a chilling, thrilling, and twisted horror festival dedicated to featuring films made by women. From vampires to convents, the programme once again features plenty of nail biters and plot twists to keep you up at night. If you don’t believe us, just have a look at the trailer to see for yourself. The festival will also include talks and filmmaker panels to discuss various themes in horror as well as the current state of women in horror.

We talked to one of the founders, Sara Neidorf, for our Local Hero feature in Issue Four and learned more about her passions for feminist film, among other things. Read her story here.

Sleepless Nights by Lola Rossi
19:28 Tattoo Club
February 9th, 19:00

Lola Rossi’s photographs create dreamy realities and seem capture her subjects’ fantasies with moody shadows, bold colors, and dramatic light.  The French photographer’s portraits are cinematic and emotionally charged, leading the viewer to dream up a back story for each captured moment. Lola’s works will be on display at Neukölln’s 19:28 Tattoo Club on February 9th. Enjoy a drink from the bar and immerse yourself in the alternate universe seen through the artist’s lens. You can find more of the artist’s works on her website.

Ocean PORN by Pornceptual
Alte Münze
February 10th, 23:00

Slip into your finest latex, leather, and lace and make your way to Ocean Porn by Berlin’s infamous collective, Pornceptual. If you haven’t heard of them, read our feature to find out more about their mission to redefine the way we approach sex and pornography. Or, if you really want to find out more, check out the event and see for yourself!

With four dance floors, sex-inducing DJs on the decks, dark rooms, art performances, and engaging art installations, it will certainly be a night for the books. Curated by GIRLS are curating an immersive installation for the event, featuring artist Annique Delphine’s Club Boobicana. Read our interview with the feminist artist here to discover the concepts behind her boobilicious artwork. Buy your tickets now – we’ll see you there!

XConfessions: A Night of Erotic Short Films + Erika Lust Q&A
February 18th, 18:45 and 21:00

We were mesmerized and totally turned on by Erika Lust’s steamy adult cinema at her last Berlin screening, so we definitely won’t be missing this one. Erika’s films flesh out fantasies of intimacy, love, lust, passion, feminist and queer desires with artistry and ethical awareness, making them a welcome alternative to the mainstream porn industry. 

The crowd-sourced project, XConfessions, was started by Erika in 2013 and brings the fantasies of real people to life. The stories are submitted to Erika and then transformed into short erotic films. They range from fantastical and funny, to intimate explorations of taboo and fetish.

Experience the short films for yourself on February 18th at the screening hosted by the Berlin Film Society. Erika Lust will be present for a Q&A with academic researcher and writer, Lisa Andergassen whose research focuses feminist theory, imagery in the digital age, and porn studies. There will be two screenings, but they’ll sell out fast so don’t wait to book your tickets

Finissage: I Contain Multitudes
East of Elsewhere
February 19th, 18:00

I Contain Multitudes is a group exhibition inviting artists and poets to respond to an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself:

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

The exhibition opened with a full day of hourly poetry readings and cultivated an inclusive environment for multi-faceted expression and dialogue. From ceramics to prints, sculptures, and paintings, the artists responded to Whitman’s poetry in different ways, yet all exploring the multitudes of human identity.

I Contain Multitudes will be on view by appointment until the finissage on February 19th from 18:00 – 21:00, which will be followed by a celebratory community dinner. If you still can’t get enough of the art, but can’t afford to buy the artwork itself, East of Elsewhere are offering a 2018 calendar for ten euros.

Galerie Schadow im Exil
Galerie Schadow
February 24th, 15:00

Sip on champagne like the classy art connoisseur that you are and contemplate the work of artists Malte Brekenfeld, Rando Geschewski and Susanne Rast at the exhibition opening of the series, Galerie Shadow Im Exil. With expressive wood carvings, colorfully surreal paintings, and playful drawings, the work of each artist sparks the imagination. We’re sure it will be worth a visit to the Pankow gallery to immerse yourself in the world of these artists. The art will be on view from 15:00 and the champagne reception begins at 19:00 – enjoy!