Wholesome AF: where cutting-edge meets bleeding heart

An evening of comedy and cabaret that cares

Regular Price: €15-€20 (sliding scale)
Tuesday 27.09.2022

We don’t know about you, but by gawd are we sick of edgelord comedians. Ricky Gervais is a case in point – sure, he can be smart and funny, but he also takes swipes at people in a way that is designed to provoke a reaction at any cost and seems to revel in upsetting certain groups. There’s just no need, and unfortunately this type of comedy is rampant.

Can you imagine what it would be like if there was a comedy/cabaret event that took the exact opposite tack, and instead of performers messing with your feelings, they actually respected them? Well wonder no more, because Wholesome AF is setting out to do exactly that.

With the explicit aim of creating an altogether kinder experience, Wholesome AF brings together some of the finest comedians, storytellers, and improv artists that Berlin has to offer. The goal is to entertain you in a way that avoids all of that deliberately hurtful, edgy bullshit. We don’t know exactly how this will play out, but boy are we excited and intrigued to find out.

All of the acts on the night are very top drawer, so we’re happy to admit that we have very high hopes. Anshita Koul is the headliner, with Lisa Frischmeier, Michele Guide, Matilde Keizer, Night Lunch improv, Josh Telson and Joe von Hutch rounding off the bill. The event will be hosted by Cameryn Moore, who is the mind behind Wholesome AF. Cameryn is also better known as the creator and host of Smut Slam, which is one of the best fixtures in Berlin’s cultural calendar.

The event will be taking place in the circus tent at Villa Kuriosum, which is a magical wonderland of a venue just as your cross from Friedrichshain into Lichtenberg. The capacity is very limited at 60 tickets, so we recommend snapping one up as soon as possible.

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Information from the organisers:

Sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. // Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

To assist us in adhering to best practices against COVID-19 (see the asterisk below!), this event has a limit of 60 tickets sold.

** Bring your own: face masks, weather-appropriate clothing, picnic dinner (please no outside drinks), drinking cups (help reduce waste)

** Drinks on sale at the outside bar (proceeds support our host venue)! Please drink responsibly and tip well!


6-7pm: Picnic Time + go pick some fruit or something!

7-9:15pm: unleash the joy with Wholesome AF (with one short intermission)

9:30pm: off the premises, sorry! After-party on the train platform?

(cover art by Julia Kotowski)

WE CARE ABOUT YOU, including your health and well-being! We are limiting capacity to 60 people at this event. DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling poorly! There will be more slams! Bring your mask for indoor areas.

*** This is a fully masked event, as it is taking place inside a circus tent.

*** TESTING NOTICE: Please bring same-day negative test results from a test center, or come early to take a self-test at the door (for €2, thank you!). We will have volunteers on hand to assist. IF YOU TEST POSITIVE, we will have to send you home, but we will refund your ticket purchase online.

PROOF OF VACCINATION/MEDICAL EXEMPTION/RECOVERY REQUIRED. Thank you for making this event safer for everyone.

** As always, we are closely watching current COVID-19 rates, and as things change, one way or the other, we may loosen or tighten our pandemic protocols. We will never surprise you with changes, but tell you in advance, so you can make informed decisions. We keep both comfort and well-being in mind, for the community!

ACCESSIBILITY: The venue space is wheelchair accessible, as is the outdoor compost toilet. Please be aware, however, that the ground is uneven.

ANIMAL POLICY: This venue does not permit dogs on the property, sorry