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Regular Price: The event is 'pay what you want', so be generous
Saturday 08.10.2022

It’s important to stay informed about what is going on in Berlin. It’s also difficult, unless your German is good enough to read newspapers or news websites (and look, getting to this point as a non-native speaker is hard so we’re not judging). If only there was a way to stay up-to-date with the Berlin news through something that was both well researched and irreverent. Well there is! It’s called Radio Spätkauf, and it’s a monthly news podcast in English, recorded live in front of an audience.

From racist chocolates and medical misbelievers to citizen justice and rethinking the BVG’s upholstery, Radio Spätkauf practises a mode of journalism where fact-finding takes place via live interviews with citizens, innovators and entrepreneurs, easily upstaging the banal headlines and often empty rhetoric of mainstream news. The result is a unique, funny and fascinating take of life in the German capital.

Of course, being a podcast means that you could technically listen to it at a later date via whatever podcast-ingesting method you choose, but going to the live recording is just SO much better. You don’t just get a super cool behind-the-scenes vibe, you also get the opportunity to meet other human beings IN REAL LIFE! The podcast has a regular following and a nice community built around it, so it’s a good opportunity to make new friends and connections.

The event is free to the public on a ‘pay what you want’ basis, so if you’re skint you can still go, and if you’re flush you can make a donation. Stef Lenk


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