Coming to Berlin book Q&A

Author Paul Hanford and DJ Fuckoff in conversation with LOLA’s Jonny Tiernan

Regular Price: Free, register for tickets
Thursday 13.10.2022
Echo Bücher, one floor below Hard Wax
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, 10999 Berlin, Germany

In this live interview event, the author, podcaster and writer Paul Hanford will speak with LOLA’s Jonny Tiernan about Paul’s recently published book, Coming To Berlin. Paul and Jonny will be joined by DJ Fuckoff, the New Zealand-born DJ and producer who has made Berlin her home.

Paul’s book Coming To Berlin is a highly personal, no borders journey into Berlin’s role as an electronic music and cultural capital. Published by Velocity Press, Coming To Berlin breaks the tradition of Berlin’s perception as techno ground zero and shows the true diversity and richness that make up the city, through delving into the lives of a collection of ausländer that have relocated to Berlin. As much about the music as the nuances and details of living in the city, Coming to Berlin is immediately relatable to fellow Berliners, and at the same time captures the city’s creative, free-living essence relatable to anyone with a curiosity for Berlin and a love of electronic music

Since its release in May on Velocity Press, the book has begun to develop a cult following, garnering positive coverage in Mixmag, BBC 6Music, Deutschfunk Radio and more.

The New Zealand-born DJ, Producer and MC, DJ Fuckoff has come a long way since arriving in Berlin with nothing but a dream and a backpack: From smashing warehouse raves, turning streams into fully-fledged dance-off’s or casually mashing-up renowned dance floors, Fuckoff’s relentless positive energy and refreshingly nonchalant style have earned her a serious hype and a loyal following.

Paul began a series of conversations with DJ Fuckoff during the pandemic when she was new to Berlin, just after her debut set on Hör. As clubbing opened up again and her sets began to take her across Europe, the conversations evolved into a chapter of the book.

The event is taking place in Echo Bücher, a space for contemporary music, sound and club culture in Berlin located near the canal in Kreuzkölln. Entrance is free and you can secure your spot via the Eventbrite tickets.

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