What? 10 Years of Your Mom’s!

The esteemed agency celebrates ten years with style

Free entry with the password: “Loving me a decade of Your Mom's”
Friday 18.11.2022
#good times

We love a good reason to party, and a full decade of Your Mom’s Agency is a damn good reason to party. Over the past ten years the agency has built up a stellar reputation as a formidable producer and creator of mixed discipline campaigns and events. They represent a diverse and inclusive range of DJs, live acts, technologists, speakers and visual artists. If a happening has the Your Mom’s Agency stamp on it, you know it’s going to be high quality.

To mark this milestone, Your Mom’s has put together a cracking lineup of DJ sets from those closest to the agency. It includes 6zm, Andreas Krach, Critical Moss, Hanin Elias, Lisa Wassmann, Local Suicide, Magritte Jaco, Modern Actor, Obi Blanche, and Yili Moon.

The success of Your Mom’s is also down to their approach and attitude – it’s built on friendship and mutual appreciation. This friendliness also extends to this party, as they are very kindly letting anyone in for free if they give the password “Loving me a decade of Your Mom’s”. So just rock up to the door, say the magic words, and enjoy the party.