Live: Mone | Freddie Dickson | Kat Koan

A triple-header of top drawer talent

Wednesday 16.11.2022

They say three is the magic number, and with this gig we’re inclined to agree. Three remarkable Berlin-based solo performers have combined their powers to create a lineup that we can only describe as delicious. Actually, that’s a lie, there are lots of ways that we could describe the lineup and all of them are positive – tasty, scrumptious, luscious.

OK, we keep using words that could also be used to describe a cake. We must be hungry. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of this gig (ok, we swear we’ll stop with the food analogy).

Kat Koan
Kat Koan is a powerhouse. In music industry terms, she joined the game later than most, but made up for lost time in the best way possible – by forging her own path and being true to herself. Kat’s style is a concoction that is equal parts electronic and rock, delivered with slickness and punch. This is electroclash with attitude.

Freddie Dickson
British singer songwriter Freddie Dickson is a majestic presence on stage. He has crafted his art through a series of excellent albums and EPs and a slew of gigs around Europe. He calls his sound ‘dark indie pop’, but we feel like this sells it a little short. Freddie’s voice is soaring and at times haunting, adding an element that is all his own and that sets him apart from the pack.

Mone released her debut album, Crocodile Kisses, in late 2021, and it marked the arrival of an artist who is able to express life’s complications and intricacies with honesty and nuance. Morality, sex, love, loss and more are all addressed through her songwriting, and she is able to be both powerful and intimate in the same moments. Mone cites Tom Waits and Fiona Apple as influences, and this feels accurate – her music is heartfelt yet gnarled, with a rawness that you can’t help but open up to.

The event is being hosted by the Famous Gold Watch. Tickets are €12 or €15 at the door. LOLA Members can get tickets for a reduced rate of €10.