John Kameel Farah: Music for Organ & Synthesizers

Did someone say Baroque-Mid-Eastern-Cyberpunk-From-Outer-Space?

Sunday 02.10.2022
Zossener Str. 65, 10961 Berlin

A John Kameel Farah ‘Music for Organ & Synthesizers’ performance is an experience like no other. The setting, instrumentation and even the concept itself all coalesce to create something that feels unique, unrepeatable and inspirational.

John uses the church organ in conjunction with his own synthesizers to produce incredibly lush and undulating soundscapes that feel like they have been beamed into his brain from outer space before being channeled through his hands and into your ears. He intertwines Renaissance and Baroque harmonies with Middle-Easter modes while improvising and looping electronic patterns and sounds. You may hear a snippet of Bach emerge, before it mutates and evolves into something entirely new. John describes this magic aural potion as “Baroque-Mid-Eastern-Cyberpunk”, which is pretty close, except we would make it “Baroque-Mid-Eastern-Cyberpunk-From-Outer-Space”.

Taking place in a church just adds to the intensity of the experience. The church’s acoustics are used to maximum effect, and hearing the music reverberate around the room can put you into an almost meditative place, which is accentuated by the surroundings. John hasn’t played Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in 12 years, and this will be the first time he has played on the church’s historic romantic organ since it has been recently renovated. What a treat.

We know that when people say they’re “going to church on Sunday” they really mean Berghain, but when we say “go to church on Sunday October 2” we really mean go to church – it’ll do your soul some good.

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