Decadent Bastards Club: Frida Kahlo

A boozy supper inspired by the iconic Mexican artist

LOLA Members Price: €50 for Saturday June 18. Limited to four places. Email [email protected] to redeem
Regular Price: €60 (use form at: to reserve a space)
Friday 17.06.2022 - Saturday 18.06.2022

All too often, we’ll only treat ourselves to a decadent meal if it’s some sort of special occasion like a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. The problem is that these occasions are probably fewer and further between than you would like. Sure, you could make up some sort of excuse, but wouldn’t it be better if someone did that for you? Well, it’s as if the people behind the Decadent Bastards Club read our minds! This self-described ‘boozy supper club’ series provides amazing food and drink AND the ideal excuse to treat yourself.

Each edition of the Club is inspired by a different famous figure. The first editions were dedicated to legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns and magnificent starman David Bowie, and this edition is devoted to pioneering Mexican artist and icon, Frida Kahlo. The menus are all themed around the life and work of the celebrated figures, and the four courses this time are naturally replete with all kinds of Mexican-adjacent deliciousness. We’ve put the full menu below, but it should be noted that it’s a work in progress and subject to change.

You might be asking yourself: what makes this supper club ‘boozy’? Well, it’s because not only do they provide four specially themed courses, but each course is also paired with a different hand-crafted cocktail. That’s a lot of good booze with your good food.

The event takes place in Backhaus Projects, next door to the Crazy Bastard Kitchen. The vibe is always super welcoming and friendly, so you’re almost a dead cert to meet some new people at the Decadent Bastards Club.  The Club happens roughly every two months, so now you have plenty of quality excuses to treat yourself.


Tostadas with fried tomatillos, pineapple salsa and habanada chili.
optional topping of fried chapulines (crickets). ​

Paired with cocktail: Watermelon Mimosa

Traditional tamales with pinto beans and side of grilled poblano peppers
with salsa rojo. Impaled on a skewer and dusted with gold flakes​

Paired with drink: Hibiscus Clover Club

lime and tequila sorbet

Frida’s own Oaxacan Mole recipe, with turkey breast or sweet potato, served with wild rice, sautéed chayote and spring onions

Paired with cocktail: Grapefruit beer paloma

pre dessert treat: finest mezcal with orange slice, sal de guano and dark chocolate

Churros, watermelon, mint, cajeta (goatsmilk caramel) or chocolate dip (vegan)​

Paired with cocktail: Frozen Margarita​

Scenes from the Decadent Bastards Club: David Bowie event