Run Lola Run | Open-Air Cinema

Enjoy a slice of classic Berlin cinema

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Thursday 18.08.2022
Berliner Berg Brauerei
Treptower Str. 39, 12059 Berlin

We love watching films based in Berlin. There’s something special about watching a character exit one street or turn a corner, and somehow end up in a completely different part of the city. “OH MY GOD THAT’S NOT HOW YOU GET THERE!” You scream at the screen. “THIS IS SO INACCURATE!” When you get this feeling, you know you’re a local yokel. Also, what’s brilliant about watching Tom Tyker’s Run Lola Run is that you get to compare the Berlin of the late 90s with the Berlin of today. There is a particular moment when the lead character, Lola, runs over the Oberbaumbrücke, and it just looks so… clean.

Anyway, all the Berlin knowledge and comparison stuff aside, Run Lola Run is an absolute classic. The story follows a woman named Lola who needs to get 100,000 Deutschmarks (retro) together in 20 minutes in order to save her boyfriend Manni’s life. This happens three times. Not that she has to do it three times, but the story restarts three times. It’s a frenetic and wild ride that actually explores some pretty deep themes around free will and determinism, plus it has a fairly banging soundtrack with more than a smattering of techno flavour.

This screening is part of the Mobile Kino series at the beer garden of Berliner Berg Brauerei.  The film will be shown around 9pm when the night falls, and for extra vibes, the brewery is close to the S-Bahn line, so you’ll hear the trains rumbling by in the background.