Weisse Maus

Where fine dining meets Bacchanalian cabaret

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Thursday 19.05.2022
Secret location: details revealed when a ticket is purchased

Lunacy Berlin, the beautiful minds behind sumptuous extravaganzas such as House of Lunacy and The Midnight Society (and previously of House of Red Doors fame), are ready to serve up their latest brainchild, Weisse Maus. And guess what, it promises to be equally as lascivious as its predecessors. A fully immersive evening of acts and performances paired with a four course meal – prepare to be transported to a time of carefree cabaret abandon.

The event gets its name from one of Weimar Berlin’s most fabled nightspots, an era renowned for its vivacious vibes and loose loving. The exclusive club had a mere 98 seats and put on some of the city’s most raucous shows for its masked patrons. Exactly 100 years later, Lunacy Berlin is set to pay fitting homage to Weisse Maus’ pedigree with a whirlwind night of high-class hedonism.

In keeping with the club’s hush-hush history, you’ll only get wind of the secret location when you get your hands on tickets. Once in, some of the city’s most established performing artists will a put on show soaked in the sex positive, queer and erotic essence that makes Berlin so special – bring an open mind and leave any inhibitions at the door.

This special dining event will be happening on Thursday May 19th and Friday May 20th, but all the tickets for the Friday event are sold out. If you don’t want to miss out on this rarefied and exquisite experience, you’ll need to snaffle a ticket for Thursday while you still can. A costume is mandatory, so make sure you get dressed up and look at the part. Don’t be late, and do be over 21 years of age.

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