Three Way Show

A Pole, an Aussie and a Ukrainian get their wit off onstage…

Friday 17.06.2022

Well then folks, ready for a comedy roll about on global proportions? We think so… Carnal puns and circle jokes aside, the Three Way Show is set to be a right old orgy of laughs (last one, promise). What could be better than enjoying an evening with three internationally renowned comics? And to be honest, the roster is well tasty…

Aussie comedienne Elena Gabrielle comes from down under with her razor-sharp wit, musician talents and satirical banter. Having toured the world with numerous sold-out shows, her oh-so relatable repertoire is a mashup of standup and singing that peers into the tumults of modern love. Her act is, in short, guaranteed to get you howling.

Representing one-half of the slavic massive is Poland’s finest laugh merchant, Kat Nip. Packing more punch than a hot can of Tyskie, the self-confessed catholic-turned-booze hound is an absolute riot, regaling audiences far and wide with her tales of chain smoking ginger men (NB. missing out “and” was intentional… and optional). 

Last but by no means least is Ukraine’s one-and-only Pavlo Voytovych. Having got well and truly acquainted with Berlin’s mesmerising qualities, Pavlo’s raison d’être is answering those pesky existential questions with his unique brand of comedic shindigerry. Throw a keyboard, microphone, and Pavlo’s best tracksuit into the mix and you’re good to go. 

Whether you’re seasoned comedy aficionado, or this is your debut threes up knees up, get yourself down to The Wall Comedy Club and have yourself a proper chuckle courtesy of this tantalising trifecta. There’s every possibility that you’ll be utterly spent by the end of the evening, but that’s usually how things go with threesomes…