Lost & Delusional

A Scottish barman and a German evangelist walk into a Berlin comedy club…

Regular Price: €8 - €10
Friday 13.05.2022

Roll up, roll up, this Friday 13th two stalwarts of the Berlin comedy scene take centre stage at The Wall Comedy club for a double bill of bad (read: excellent) jokes and self deprecating laughter. Your duo for the evening consists of irreverent Scotsman Chris Davis and the exquisitely sardonic German Freddi Gralle. Get set for an evening of banter not so discreetly wrapped in irony and home truths.

Split into two halves, expect quips about existential crises, oh-so relatable failed ideals and moral breakdowns – as if the title wasn’t a give away… Chris’ part features material from his latest routine, “Death of a Barman”. Known far and wide for his searing Scots wit, sharp social observations and uncompromising style, he’ll happily tell you about his fear of the middle classes and how flying a kite alone is the pinnacle of human tragedy.

Freddi’s half is a performance of her solo show “Church Girl, Interrupted”, a wonderfully self-reflected tale, and true story, of growing up as a pastor’s daughter, ditching church for the delights of Berlin’s dating scene, and breaking into stand-up comedy. Her forthright delivery, honed at numerous Comedy Central roasts and as TV writer, will crumble even the most hardened of cynics.

So, if superstition isn’t your jam and you’re down for a pile up of laughs with a smattering of self-help, get yourself over to Friedrichshain this Friday night – you’d be deluded not to.
Alex Rennie