Kat Nip presents Liability

Cure all for catholic guilt and terminal hangovers? Take a swig on this potent comedy cocktail…

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Friday 28.10.2022

For those familiar with the post piss up shouty pillow routine, and the timeless tales that come from epic boozings (or at least the ones you can remember), get yourself down to Neukölln’s Comedy Cafe Berlin for a night on the sesh with Kat Nip.

Hailing from Poland, Kat’s quick-fire solo routine “Liability” is a brutally honest yet hilarious dress down of her time growing up amongst her native country’s catholicism, and her subsequent pivot from the good word to good alcohol and sex. Join her as she boldly saunters into zero-fucks-given territory, drink metaphorically in hand.

Kat’s credentials in the fine arts of comedy and heavy drinking speak for themselves. A self-confessed booze aficionado with a penchant for Lucky Strike and ginger men, she’s cut her teeth in comedy clubs across the globe and hosts regular shows with Berlin female comedy crew Queen Bees Comedy, not to mention her work with Comedy Central, ARTE and Buzzfeed.

You could do a lot worse than making a trip to Kat’s show your poison of choice. In fact, make it a double. Na zdrowie!