Comedy Roulette

The ultimate comedy game show

Friday 17.06.2022
#Game Show

Have you ever been sitting in the audience of a stand-up comedy show and thought to yourself: “Flip me I wish I could win some prizes right now. Or if I can’t win prizes, I’d at least like to be able to influence the course of history, even if it’s just picking the next comedian in the lineup. Actually, it would be amazing if both of these options were available to me at once, perhaps in the form of a giant wheel that I get to spin. Yes, that’s it – I want to spin a big wheel where I either win a prize or get to pick the next comedian. That’s what I want.” If that is something you have actually thought to yourself, then we have good news. YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THIS.

Perhaps you’re now thinking to yourself: “I’ve never thought of that, but now that I have, I really want to do it, but where and when?! GOOD LORD TELL ME WHERE AND WHEN.” We’ll get to that in a second, but first you need to know that you really can do this. You really can go to a comedy show, have the chance to spin a big wheel and either pick the next comedian of the night, or win a prize like shots for the whole audience, a 30 euro bar tab and even a jar of mayonnaise. That’s right a WHOLE JAR OF MAYONNAISE!

To answer your questions: it’s happening at The Wall Comedy Club; it happens every third Friday of the month; it’s hosted by Katnip and friends; it’s a good idea to go; it’s a guaranteed fun time. Enjoy. You’re welcome.