Set your fetish free in a safe space

LOLA Members Price: €18 (*pay at door)
Regular Price: €25
Saturday 18.02.2023
#Sex Positive

Kinktastisch was born to provide a space for all fetishes, irrespective of your sexual orientation, gender, identity or lack thereof. It’s this ethos that has allowed it to strike the perfect sweet spot between the more club-oriented sex positive events like House of Lunacy or Pornceptual, and the more hardcore parties for which Berlin is well known.

Taking place in Insomnia – arguably Berlin’s sexual epicentre – there is a dancefloor to move on, a sensual area to play in, a jacuzzi to heat up in, and a fully-equipped BDSM dungeon to explore.

At Kinktastisch you can make new friends, hang out in the play area, watch performances, dance, relax at the bar – whatever tickles your fancy. Better yet? The Kinktastisch Unicorns are always on hand to make sure you’re comfortable, safe and enjoying the kink world.

Special performances will also happen throughout the night, including a surprise midnight show from, and then later in the dungeon will be more fun and games for you to try out.

As always, if you’re not familiar with the sex positive scene you should do your research and get to know it. Consent is key, so follow the rules and if you’re in doubt about anything reach out to one of the Kinktastisch Unicorns. It’s time to explore your kinky side and meet like-minded souls and new friends.

Kinktastisch is a fetish and sex positive party where consent is key.

To make sure of that, please read and follow their rules carefully: * No means No.
* Want to talk, dance or play with someone? Ask them politely if they are interested and respect their answer.
* Give people their space when they are playing or being intimate with each other, want to join? Ask politely for consent and respect their answer.
* No phones allowed! leave them in the wardrobe.
* No entry in Jeans or street wear, we have a dress code to keep the kinky atmosphere.
* Pushing boundaries will not be tolerated, ask once, a no is a no.
* Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
* Verbal harassment will not be tolerated.
* No means No.

*Recommended Dress code:* Latex, Vinyl, PVC, kinky Uniforms, kinky costumes, Cyber Erotic & Sci-Fi, Little, Kinky Drag, sexy Lingerie, cross dress, body paint, Cabaret, Fetish Goth, Medical, animals, Burlesque, Fetish Formal, puppy, pony, Armour, Cosplay, super heroes…


* Management, promoters and their representatives reserve the right to refuse admission.