House of Lunacy presents The Moth Ball

When hedonism and charity join forces

Regular Price: €28.10 (all profits donated to charity, option for higher ticket prices with larger charitable donations)
Saturday 10.09.2022
#Sex Positive

The House of Lunacy has a well-earned reputation as the creator of some of Berlin’s most extravagant and glorious sex positive events and happenings. By now, its regular parties at Wilde Renate are the stuff of legend, and the new Weisse Maus dining cabaret experience is a delectable and decadent success.

This soiree is a little different. First off, it takes place in Else rather than Renate. The venue will be transformed into a dreamworld of art, installations and creativity and you can expect to see a number of magical performances throughout the night. The second thing that makes this party different is that all profits will go to the NGO Berlin to Borders and will be used to help those in need in Ukraine and in Berlin.

As with every House of Lunacy party, dressing up is mandatory, and if you don’t make an effort you simply won’t get in. This ensures that everyone in the party is a participant and not just a spectator. The theme for this event is The Moth, which in the words of the organisers “symbolises resurrection and transformation. A Moth represents a tremendous change, it seeks light in the darkness. A moth’s spiritual meaning urges you to trust chances that are happening and that freedom and liberation are just around the corner…” In more practical terms, think wings, fantasy creatures, queer, fetish, kinky, naked, bizarre and you’re on the right track.

When purchasing tickets you have the option of going for a higher price, which means a bigger donation to Berlin to Borders. However, if you’re on a lower income you can reach out to the organisers for a reduced price. We think it’s commendable that the party is being as open and accessible as possible.

Hedonism with a conscience is something we can really get behind.

Berlin to Borders website
House of Lunacy website
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  • Unfortunately nobody can ever guarantee a space is 100% safe, but we are striving for perfection.
  • No means no. Never take what doesn’t want to be taken and don’t give what is not wanted.Consent is not negotiable. We take this very seriously.
  • We DO NOT tolerate any form of discrimination, Racism, homophobia, anti trans or hate speech.
  • Twerfs, swerfs are not welcome.
  • Respect. Respect. Respect.
  • Anyone who is found to be disobeying these rules, you will be leaving immediately and dealt with accordingly.
  • We will have our care team and Awareness team walking around The House at all times. A hand-picked selection of caring and loving souls and party veterans who know how to look out for you and are there to help with whatever the situation.
  • Any member of staff (incl bar staff) can be spoken to at any time, they are all connected via walkie talkie to security and the door.
  • Never feel embarrassed about asking and talking to them.
  • Take care of one and other and always reach out if needed.