Éclat Crew Album Launch Party

Collective of FLINTA music producers celebrate the release of their debut compilation

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Sunday 20.11.2022

Éclat Crew is a music collective that harnesses and uplifts the talents of female*, trans, and nonbinary electronic music producers in Berlin. Ever since their founding in 2018, they’ve been working to change the face of a music industry which so often fails to represent marginalised talents.

Part of this work involves organising collaborative sessions (currently taking place online) for female*, trans, and nonbinary artists looking to meet like-minded people, find inspiration, and try out new ideas.

As pioneers of FLINTA representation, they’re getting ready to launch their first ever compilation, made up of groundbreaking music from both seasoned artists and newcomers alike. Entitled Éclat: A Constellation Of Party Balloons Floating On A Deep Sea Saline Lake, the tracklist ranges from dreamy ambient sounds and smooth synths to pounding plunderphonics and irresistible techno beats.

The artists involved hail from all over the world, but are united in their connection to the Berlin music scene. They include the prolific French DJ Monibi, enigmatic ambient musician paun, and the unconventional hypnotic beats of American-born Terri Lee, amongst so many more.

To celebrate the launch of their debut compilation, Éclat are throwing a release party at one of our fave venues in the city, Fitzroy, on November 20th. You’re invited for an afternoon of dancing, celebration, and discovery.

Words by Elise Shepley

Get your tickets for the release party here
You can pre-order the Éclat compilation album for €12 here, available to stream from November 18th
Check out the details of Éclat’s next collective music-making session on their FB page, and stay up to date by following their Instagram