Tender Hooks

Goldrausch Project exhibition features the work of 15 up-and-coming female artists

Free entry to exhibition and events. Opening times as follows: Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm Wednesday: 10am-7pm Weekends 11am-5pm
Saturday 10.09.2022 - Sunday 30.10.2022

It’s no secret that the art world is not always the most welcoming space for female-identifying creatives. Despite decades of progress, it’s not uncommon to find exhibitions today where any inclusion of a female perspective seems to be an afterthought. 

That’s why we’re always looking for exhibitions and events which seek to centre female artists in their scope. Goldrausch has been supporting female artists through its Künstlerinnenprojekt since 1989, to work against structural disadvantages faced by female-identifying artists trying to break into the Berlin scene. The year-long course seeks to educate and support a select group of artists each year as they develop their craft. The resulting exhibition featuring the 15 artists is filled with some of the most exciting new talent in the field. 

The installation offers a platform for the artists to take exploratory approaches to themes including the interconnectedness of humans, nature, and technology, the construction of identities and utopias, and cultures of memory and historiography. As part of this exploration they make use of experimental photography, film, 3D animation, painting, drawing, installation, and sculpture. 

While the exhibition creates space for each artist to creatively express their own individual perspectives, the works are drawn together in cohesion by the ‘tender hooks’ indicated in the title, which points to the subtle yet powerful interconnections between the pieces. 

Alongside the installation is an accompanying program filled with events and activities, including Tender Encounters, which takes place each Wednesday, in which the individual artists are available for interaction and exchange with visitors. Another highlight is the Tender Reel on October 18th, a free screening of short films created by this year’s cohort, playing at the Filmrauschpalast Moabit. Take a look at the full list of events on offer here.