Breaking binaries with an intersectional look at menstruation

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Thursday 29.09.2022 - Saturday 15.10.2022

We want to talk about periods. Open dialogue is a surefire way to start reducing harmful stigma and taboo surrounding a bloody normal bodily process which half of the human population experiences, and we’re enthused by the work that the Menstruation Project is undertaking around this topic. In MENSTRUALITIES, their new exhibition at Alte Münze, they’ve asked a group of 25 artists to reflect on the topic of menstruation from an intersectional perspective.

With an awareness of the political ramifications of menstruation and its surrounding discourse, the exhibition has placed a particular focus on non-binary, trans*-inclusive, and queer experiences of menstruation. The artwork spans approaches to the topic which include “ecofeminism, contemporary witchcraft, ancient wisdom and social media activism.” 

Thanks to the range of artistic viewpoints on display, MENSTRUALITIES is bringing much-needed diversity to the topic of menstruation. Prepare to have your perspectives broadened as these artists make links from reproductive health to themes like pleasure, resistance, kinship, environmentalism, and “post-pornographic quantum sexuality” (we can’t wait to find out more about that one).

This art is not only compelling in its own right, but is an absolutely vital continuation of the artistic exploration of menstruation which boomed during second-wave feminism, and is now presented with a more nuanced understanding of gender. Bringing the social and political implications of menstruation into a 21st century context, these artists are opening up a discourse about the thorny intersections of biology, gender identity, and politics. 

Beyond the art on show, the extended program includes other forms of exploration such as performances, panel discussions, film screenings, and concerts. The installation is also accompanied by an experimental online experience, featuring an immersive look into some of the art on display.

The aim of the program is to educate, empower, and open up a dialogue which will continue beyond the bounds of the exhibition. A key goal of the project is to encourage destigmatisation, especially amongst new generations and younger audiences — to this end, the entire program is suitable for all ages, and children under twelve can attend the exhibition for free. 

LOLA members get free entry to the exhibition at any time. Otherwise, tickets are €10 regular price, or 5€ reduced rate. The venue is wheelchair-accessible. 

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