Battle Cry

Temporary exhibition gives carte blanche to young Ukrainian artists

Free entry. Exhibition open Tuesdays-Saturdays.
Friday 26.08.2022 - Saturday 22.10.2022
Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten
Turmstraße 75, 10551 Berlin

Galerie Nord has organised an exhibition to showcase Ukrainian artists working in Berlin right now. The idea is to give the artists free creative expression to explore themes relating to the war in Ukraine. Naturally, a portion of the artwork deals poignantly and directly with the war and its fallout, but the carte blanche approach has also produced a unique variety of results, with some artists choosing to take on broader themes such as power structures, communication, and propaganda. 

The collection spans moods of criticism, cynicism, and humour. The artistic media on display include life-size photography, traditional Ukrainian wedding cakes, and TikTok videos. Many of the artworks also encourage visitor participation, as a way to ensure active engagement with the critical topic at hand.

Accompanying the exhibit is a one-off live performance/workshop hybrid, led by artist Zhenia Stepanenko on the afternoon of October 8th. Entitled ‘How to make a creepy cake,’ the event will build on Zhenia’s chosen medium of cake and invite the audience to actively engage in this unique process of artistic creation. 

The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, and is free to visit. It will remain open until October 22nd. 

More info on the exhibition
‘How to make a creepy cake’ workshop