Zola Jesus

Uniquely goth and orchestral stylings

Words By Connie Hwong

Date: 07.08.18
Venue: Urban Spree
Time: 14:00

Hot on the heels of Okovi (2017) and its remix/B-sides sequel, Okovi:Additions (2018), the industrial-tinged electro alchemy of Zola Jesus (lesser known as Nika Roza Danilova) hits the stage at Urban Spree. Zola’s work has progressively become more intimate since her 2009 debut, touching on suicide, imprisonment, and claustrophobia as she’s developed her own, uniquely goth/orchestral sound and style. This month’s gig brings her back to the small stage after her previous blowout performances at Tempelhof and Pop Kultur and promises an unnervingly close look into the inner workings of her pathos.

Zola Jesus
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