Yoga United Festival 2019

Sun, See and shavasana at the gates of Berlin

Words By Ciara Cunnane

Venue: Am Helenesee, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Date: 14-16.06.19
Time: 14:00 Friday-17:30 Sunday

For a lot of people, the quintessential festival experience involves consuming plenty of intoxicants, enjoying music at the loudest volume possible, not sleeping much for a few days, and washing yourself with baby wipes. We’re not denying that his can be fun, but if you’re searching for a different kind of festival experience then this might be the one for you. Instead of returning home as a mere shell of yourself, hungover and edgy, this wellness festival offers an opportunity to emerge as a refreshed, sparklier version of yourself.

After a successful 2018 edition, Yoga United Festival returns to the shores of the crystal clear Helenesee one hour from Berlin. The organisers Jördis Brankatschk, Bruno Marcelo Paffenholz and Oliver Touche have a vision for the festival as a yoga holiday camp, with a community atmosphere that welcomes yogis of all ages. They are offering a stellar programme with a variety of yoga styles, as well as meditation, sound healing, concerts, lectures and DJ-led ecstatic dance journeys. Meditation, yoga and dance facilitators from the Berlin scene are well-represented, and there will also be international talent on board. There is a special kids’ area for the little ones, while the lake offers swimming and SUP yoga.

In a sentence: An intoxicating array of holistic treats will ensure a natural high.