Womanhood: An Egyptian Kaleidoscope

Film screening & discussion

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 18.10.17
Venue: Spektrum – art science community

15 Egyptian women came together to create an interactive documentary confronting the question of gender. The result is Womanhood: Our Interactive Documentary, filmed in 2015 in Cairo. This is a documentary in which the narrative is written by the protagonists themselves. In a world where the Western stereotype of the ‘Arab/Muslim woman’ is a prolific fantasy in contemporary culture, the Womanhood team created what they call “an Egyptian kaleidoscope” to present multifaceted perspectives from real women in Egypt. The Womanhood website states: “We centred this project on particular and singular points of view, on personal narratives. All the women gave their definition of chosen words related to womanhood: they talked about their experiences around 75 gender-related words.”

The documentary will be screened at Spektrum with a brief presentation by the film director, Florie Bavard. There will be 50 minutes of video with ten individual testimonies, discussing four chosen words: ‘Activism’, ‘Gender’, ‘Voice’ and ‘West’. There will be a discussion with the director after the screening. The Womanhoodteam states, “[W]omen’s bodies remain a battleground for identity quests between East and West. Moreover, these images often overshadow the very voices of the social actors.” Take the time to listen to the voices of the social actors and learn about the battles they fight for gender equality. You can explore the interactive documentary on the Womanhood website.

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