Wannabe 1996-2016: A Spice Girls Exhibition

Spice up your life with art in the name of Girl Power

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 12.08.16 – 16.08.16
Venue: The Ballery
Time: 18:00

It’s been 20 years since Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Posh conquered the world in the name of Girl Power. For a whole generation theirs was the first album to buy, the first poster to hang up, the first concert to attend, the first time to dress up.

From the 12th – 16th August The Ballery, one of the most eclectic and vivacious art spaces in Berlin, will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls with work by more than 15 artists from all over the world. ‘Wannabe’ is the title of the exhibition which will commemorate the Spice Girls phenomenon and the undeniable influence they had on an entire generation.

Main image: Julia Sanchez Porta // Below left: Mi Nato // Below right: Silivia Asunis


Say you’ll be there at the opening party at 18:00 on Friday 12th to enjoy Avant-garde arrangements for a drag queen, cello and looper by Mazy+llay, queer drag performance by Oly Stash and acoustic set by Victor Listerri.

We’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want. We really really really wanna zigazig ah.

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